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The International Centre for Inclusive Housing (IZH) in Hamburg is facing calls for closure, even reaching the Bundestag. The centre, which has been a hub for promoting social inclusion and providing housing for refugees, has recently come under scrutiny due to allegations of mismanagement and financial irregularities.

The IZH was established in 2015 as a collaborative effort between the federal government, the city of Hamburg, and various non-governmental organizations. Its main objective was to create affordable and inclusive housing solutions for refugees and other marginalized groups. Over the years, the centre has been successful in creating partnerships with local housing cooperatives and private landlords, resulting in the provision of thousands of apartments for those in need.

However, recent revelations have tarnished the reputation of the IZH. A report by the city’s audit office highlighted several issues, including inappropriate use of funds and contracts awarded without proper procedures. The report also pointed out the lack of transparency in the centre’s operations, making it difficult for external auditors to fully examine the financial activities.

These allegations have sparked demands for immediate action. Several politicians, including members of the Bundestag, have called for the closure of the IZH and a thorough investigation into its practices. The Minister for Urban Development and Housing, who is responsible for the centre, has expressed her concern and promised to take swift action to address the issues raised.

The call for closure is a significant blow to the reputation of the IZH. It was hailed as a pioneering initiative when it was established, with many cities looking to replicate its model. The centre’s inclusive approach, which involved integrating refugees into existing communities rather than segregating them, was seen as an example of best practices in the field of social housing.

However, the recent allegations have eroded the trust and goodwill that the IZH had garnered over the years. Many are now questioning the effectiveness of the centre and whether its objectives have been compromised by mismanagement and financial irregularities. The controversy surrounding the IZH has also cast a shadow over the broader issue of providing adequate housing for refugees and other marginalized groups.

While it is important to address any wrongdoing and hold those responsible accountable, it is also crucial not to overlook the positive impact that the IZH has had. The provision of affordable housing for refugees is an essential component of integration and social cohesion. Closing down the centre without any alternative solutions in place would leave thousands of vulnerable individuals without a home.

Instead of outright closure, there needs to be a comprehensive review of the IZH’s operations and a clear plan for moving forward. This entails addressing the issues raised in the audit report and implementing stricter oversight mechanisms to ensure transparency and accountability.

Additionally, stakeholders must come together to find alternative ways of providing affordable and inclusive housing for refugees. The IZH’s model may need to be reevaluated and modified to prevent similar issues from arising in the future. This should include a comprehensive assessment of the financial management of the centre and the establishment of proper checks and balances.

The IZH in Hamburg has undoubtedly faced a significant setback with these allegations, but it is important to remember the underlying objective of providing inclusive housing for those in need. By addressing the issues at hand and implementing necessary reforms, the centre can regain public trust and continue its valuable work in promoting social inclusion and integration.

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De druk op het Innenministerium steigt, het Islamitisch Centrum in Hamburg (IZH), dat als de Iraanse Mullah-Regimes worden verguld, ze verbieten.

Nadat IZH open was tijdens het debat in de Binnenlandse Zaken van de Bundestags, werd het thema besproken, en werd het ook tijdens de Donorstag besproken in de Debatte zur Regierungserklärung ein Verbot der Blauen Moschee gefordert.

“Kleine rechtsvrije ruimtes in Hamburg”

De Rednerinnen en Redner in de Bondsdag waren zelf één en enige: Duitsland stond in Kampf tegen het Terreur van Hamas aan de kant van Israël. Für Unions-Fraktionschef Friedrich Merz kwam opdagen, sich dem wachtend antisemitisme in Deutschland entgegenzustellen. “Zu dieser Entschlossenheit gegenüber Antisemitismus zählt schließlich, dat we in Duitsland geen rechtenvrije ruimte tolereren, in de den der Hass gegen Israël is een predigt.” Er deed een beroep op federale minister van Justitie, Nancy Faeser (SPD): “Schließen Sie endlich das Islamzentrum in Hamburg.”

FDP-fractieleider Christian Dürr ging nergens anders heen. “Wij maakten ons zorgen over de organisaties en organisaties die Hamas en hun terroristische activiteiten direct of indirect in ons land verboden hadden. Ze werden gehoord door het Islamitisch Centrum in Hamburg en andere organisaties.”

Innenministerium prüft Schließung

Voor de meeste Schließung der Blauen Moschee is het Bundesinnenministerium ziständig. Dit betekent dat een enkel stukje schrijven gedurende deze tijd gewaardeerd zal worden. De Hamburgse Senaat würde sterft open begrip en steun, de Hamburgse Erster Bürgermeister Peter Tschentscher (SPD) is geslaagd.

Begrijp het feit dat IZH Donnerstag zu Frieden und Wahrung der Menschenrechte im Nahen Osten auf. “Ook wij, als we politieke neutraliteit hebben, zullen we onze mening over mensenrechtenschendingen uiten en een beroep doen op alle partijen, de handelwijze van het volk zal zo zijn en de mensenrechten zullen worden gerespecteerd”, luidt de formulering van het Zentrum mit. De concrete Frage, die de overval van de islamisten van Hamas op Israël rapporteerde met in totaal meer dan 1.000 Zivilisten en Zivilistinnen, antwoordde dat IZH jedoch nicht is.

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